Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order A Skip and What Size do I need?

You can order a skip online right away by clicking here.

Alternatively, If you would like to order a skip or simply want to chat about your requirements, simply call us now or complete our online contact form and one of our colleagues will call you back!

We offer a full range of skips from 4 yard to 40 yard. Our online skip guide should help you decide on which skip you will require.

How and When do I Pay?

If you do not have a trade account with us then all orders are to be paid for at the time of ordering either via our online cart or over the phone using a card.

We no longer accept cheques.

Interested in opening a trade account? Then complete our digital trade account application form here.

How to avoid Illegal Skip Hire companies

he first thing to do is to check with the Environment Agency that the skip operator is properly licensed to carry waste. Ask for their waste carrier license number, enter it on the Environment Agency website to check if it’s valid.

You should see the skip company’s name and license expiry date. If this information is not available, do not use them!

Our licences can be found here.

What can I put in my Skip?

Many people assume that you can throw anything into a Skip, however this is not the case due to multiple environmental laws. It is not possible to dispose of potentially toxic or harmful waste in skips, as well as items which cannot be recycled. But do not worry! We have made a list below detailing the most common waste products which CANNOT be disposed of in Skips.

These are: Oil, Petrol, Diesel, Tyres, Fridges, Freezers, Asbestos, Clinical or Medical Waste (including syringes), Hazardous or Toxic materials, Tins of paint and Gas bottles.

If you do have any of these prohibited items then please call our specialist waste team on 01253 738366 who will be happy to provide you a bespoke quote for these items.

How do I load a Skip?

Despite what you often see out in the streets, a skip cannot be overloaded. It must be a ‘level load’. If you do order a skip and fill it so that material is above the sides, you will be charged more at the point of collection, or be asked to remove the excess waste.

It is also illegal to have a fire in a skip. You will be liable to pay the full price of a new skip if this occurs.

Do I need a Permit for my Skip?

If a skip is to be placed in a public place such as on a footpath, grass verge or on the highway, it will require a permit. We obtain these from the local council on your behalf. Permit prices and durations may vary depending on location.

We do always advise it is best to situate your skip on your own land/property if possible to save you extra charges of a permit. Call us on 01253 738366 for a chat if you are unsure!

POPs Waste

The POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) regulations 2007 have now been implemented and enforced by the Environment Agency as of January 1st 2023.

These regulations pertain to the handling of domestic waste sofas, armchairs, home office chairs, beanbags and other items of upholstered domestic seating that may contain POPs. This includes any part made of, or containing leather, synthetic leather, other fabric, or foam.

The regulations state that POPs waste needs to be segregated from other waste streams into designated skips and not broken up or compacted.

The good news is that we are licenced to accept POPs waste however certain rules will apply to its segregation and pricing.

If a mixed waste skip includes items containing POPs, the regulations state this entire load is to be treated as POPs therefore segregation is important in not only successfully removing POPs from your waste, but also to save you money on disposal!

All POPs waste is now prohibited from landfill and must be sent for incineration (energy from waste) to destroy any POPs present.

Please be assured that we are committed to working with our customers to ensure a smooth transition to this new way of operating and to minimize any potential impacts on your business whilst we ensure that all your waste is handled with complete compliance and efficiency.

If you have POPS waste, please contact the office on 01253 738366 or fill in our contact form to obtain specific POPS related pricing.


We can collect and recycle commercial waste for your business. We can provide a range of skip sizes including a roll on roll off service depending on your commercial waste requirements.